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Finally, Sustainable Home Construction Arrives to Kingston

Posted by Stefan Belina on October 17, 2017
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KINGSTON, Ontario, CANADA – October 19th, 2017 – A unique collaboration has been struck between Magenta Waterfront Development Corporation and BONE Structure® to offer Net Zero Ready, premium residences at Magenta’s prestigious Johnston Point development on Loughborough Lake. BONE Structure, a Canadian designer and builder of high performance custom homes, using a proprietary patented light steel frame building technology, has secured the exclusive rights to market the 18 lots at Johnston Point.

“BONE Structure offered exactly what we’re looking for, creating a perfect synergy between the pristine natural environment of a unique property like Johnston Point and minimization of the environmental footprint. The Bone Structure technology is how the home of tomorrow will be built – today at Johnston Point.”

Managing Partner
Magenta Waterfront Developments Corporation

The 37-hJohnston Point - Exclusive Waterfront Developmentectare property is located east of Perth Road along the North Shore of Loughborough Lake in South Frontenac Township. Each BONE Structure home will be carefully designed to embrace the topography while stimulating the senses by bringing the outdoors inside, giving homeowners their own “slice of heaven”, all within 20 minutes from Kingston. The 18 lots in the development are presented on BONE Structure’s Real Estate platform BONE Living. Early interest has been strong, generating pre-sales on 5 of the 18 available lots in the development. Lot prices start at 245,000$ + HST for 3.0 to 5.6 acre lots.

“These are some of the most beautiful waterfront lots I’ve seen. We strongly believe that families should own homes that are built to offer comfortable, healthy, adaptable living spaces while respecting the environment.” says Marc BOVET, Founder, CEO of BONE Structure.

Johnston Point - Exclusive Waterfront Development

All BONE Structure homes are designed and assembled using a patented steel construction technology inspired by the aerospace industry. BONE Structure homes feature a polyurethane thermal envelope that provides ultimate comfort to its occupants and is extremely energy efficient: it could save you up to 90% on energy costs for heating and cooling. The steel structure is solid and resistant to mold, moisture and premature deterioration of materials, creating open-concept living spaces without interior load-bearing walls. The homes are beautiful, healthy, and contemporary, featuring high ceilings and large windows that let in natural light. BONE Structure’s incomparable thermal envelope also ensures all homes are Net Zero Ready, meaning that with complementary renewable energy systems, the annual total cost of energy could be zero dollars.

For more information about Johnston Point, visit: www.BONEliving.com/johnstonpoint

About BONE Structure

Founded in 2005 by President Marc A. Bovet in Laval, Quebec, Canada, out of a frustrating personal construction experience, BONE Structure has patented, in 42 countries, a technology that combines aesthetics, flexibility, efficiency, and respect for the environment. It specializes in the design, development and commercialization of technologies for residential and light commercial construction. BONE Structure employs more than sixty professionals, architects, technologists, engineers, and urban planners and has integrated expertise to provide an unmatched one-stop-shop client experience. The company also collaborates with architectural firms and other outside professionals across Canada and California. BONE Structure is attracting the industry’s best general and specialized contractors, project managers, and developers who also share the company’s corporate values of Respect, Transparency, Loyalty, Security and Fun. BONE Structure is a member of builder associations across Canada and the NAHB in the U.S. It has also received a number of awards throughout the years for innovation, architecture, sustainability and process.

For more information, please visit: www.BONEstructure.ca

About BONE Living

BONE Living is a Real Estate Marketplace that brings together new developments, unique lots and INCOMPARABLE homes, while showcasing the possibilities and creativity of the BONE Structure® building system. BONE Structure’s national presence and brand help pull-in prospective clients, thus giving real estate developers the opportunity to market and create unique communities. BONE Living’s underlying grounding philosophy and mission is to create a unique experience by building homes that are energy efficient, healthy, safe, comfortable; bringing enthusiasts “One Step Closer” to owning their very own BONE Structure home.

For more information, please visit: www.BONEliving.com

Johnston Point Development

Johnston Point Development

This property is part of the Johnston Point development. Get more information here